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Supplier Diversity

The Hershey Company has a commitment and a track record of promoting diversity and inclusion. We aim to have our suppliers represent the customers and consumers we serve and believe this is critical for innovation and business success. We will continue to expand our reach and influence by identifying diversely owned businesses and supporting practices, ensuring we have diverse representation within our requests for information and bid solicitations, mentoring suppliers, and active industry participation and outreach.

With roughly 90% of our business in the U.S., we will continue to place the largest focus of our efforts within this region. Our goal is to continue growing our network with underrepresented groups and individuals including minorities, women, veterans, people with disabilities and LGBTQ+.

To promote and educate on supplier diversity across our business, we operate a Supplier Diversity Roundtable with representatives from each procurement area. Additionally, our procurement contracts request that our suppliers also utilize diverse suppliers and report their diverse spend attributable to Hershey. We track our spend quarterly with both our diverse Tier 1 suppliers (those directly supplying us with goods and services) and Tier 2 suppliers (those who supply our Tier 1 suppliers).

Our Supplier Diversity Strategy, which paves the way for future growth and development, is focused on three pillars:

  • Grow our diverse supplier network and spend by identifying a larger base of diverse suppliers that we can include in RFPs.
  • Invest in development opportunities for diversely owned businesses to increase their ability to compete and meet Hershey’s quality requirements.
  • Engage with key stakeholders internally and externally to strengthen our supplier diversity program.

Register as a Diverse Supplier

Hershey uses the ConnXus database to identify certified diverse suppliers to include in our business activities. If you are a diversely owned enterprise and are interested in doing business with Hershey, please go to the ConnXus website to register in their database. Registration is free and enables suppliers to be contacted by ConnXus’s wide range of corporate clients.

For more information, please contact: responsiblesourcing@hersheys.com


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