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Shared Goodness. That’s Our Promise.

An idea as simple as it is big: our business, our planet, our communities, our children–they’ve always mattered. 


Hershey’s Shared Goodness Promise is our holistic sustainability strategy that guides how we support and engage the remarkable people behind our brands, from farmers to employees. This strategy guides how we make more moments of goodness by delivering on our commitments to safeguard the health of the environment, support children and youth and build prosperous communities within our supply chain.

Making More Moments of Goodness

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More than 125 Years of Shared Goodness
More than ever, we are putting the goodness inside of every moment by engaging and empowering the remarkable people who make and sell our brands, improving the lives of farmers that grow the ingredients that go into our products, reducing our impact on the planet and investing in youth and our communities to create a stronger future for ourselves and our world.