Hershey is “All Together Now” at the 2022 NACS Show Expo

The entire sweets and salty snacks portfolio will be featured at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show Expo in Las Vegas from October 2-4, 2022.

Reese's Cups

From REESE'S Miniatures to REESE'S Big Cup with Potato Chips, the beloved peanut butter cup is a natural for innovation.

Cocoa Sustainability

Our pledge to invest half a billion dollars in these communities by 2030 is translating to meaningful results on the ground, helping to keep children in school, helping to diversify and increase incomes, giving farmers the support to build thriving businesses and protecting forests.

ESG shapes every part of our business. Here's why that matters.

The 2021 ESG (environmental, social and governance) Report marks the evolution of our sustainability strategy as we more fully integrate our priorities into business operations.

Making a Difference Through the Energize Leaning Project

Making a Difference Through the Energize Leaning Project

An interview with AIM-Progress Africa Hub on how Hershey and Project Peanut Butter’s Energize Learning Project contributes to children’s access to nutrition

Child eating a snack

Becoming a Snacking Powerhouse

While its legacy may be in chocolate, The Hershey Company's portfolio of snacks has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years, positioning the company as a growing snacking powerhouse​


Shared Goodness

The Shared Goodness Promise is an idea as simple as it is big: our business, our planet, our communities, our children—they’ve always mattered. It’s a promise delivered by all of us at Hershey—to see every day as a chance to be successful in a way that makes a difference.