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Consumers are Focusing More on Health, and Hershey is Here for It 

Hershey offers consumers a variety of snacking choices with our expanded sweet and salty better-for-you portfolio​.


Shared Goodness

The Shared Goodness Promise is an idea as simple as it is big: our business, our planet, our communities, our children—they’ve always mattered. It’s a promise delivered by all of us at Hershey—to see every day as a chance to be successful in a way that makes a difference.
 From the military to Hershey: continuing a life of service

For veterans transitioning from the military to civilian life, culture shock is common. For those transitioning from a military-like position to life in a Fortune 500 company, that leap of faith can be just as momentous.

Hershey Candy Displays

Robots at The Hershey Company are building made-to-order merchandising displays that allow retailers to customize the type and volume of candy brands to showcase. 

People holding bags of Hershey's Halloween Candy

The Helping Hands program pairs Hershey non-retail employees with retail team members to support them in stores during the busy Halloween season.

Michele Buck

Michele Buck, CEO, recognized as one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women for 2023​