Doing the Right Thing for Our Communities, People and Planet

Hershey named to the CNBC Just 100 list for the third consecutive year

Reese's clothing

Reese’s University is a brand-new initiative that wraps the spirit of college around the No. 1 selling candy brand in the United States.  

People working

In 2021, we continued to work diligently to further progress on cocoa, promote human rights and collaborate with industry partners to advance our living wage and income agendas.

People Cutting Ribbon

We've re-opened our Global Customer Insights Center (GCIC), to collaborate with customers to develop strategic plans and devise growth initiatives built from our unique consumer insights.

Michele Buck on C-Speak: The Language of Executives

Michele Buck

Disruption can bring opportunity. President and CEO Michele Buck discusses what it takes for companies and leaders to be agile and successful in times of change.


Shared Goodness

The Shared Goodness Promise is an idea as simple as it is big: our business, our planet, our communities, our children—they’ve always mattered. It’s a promise delivered by all of us at Hershey—to see every day as a chance to be successful in a way that makes a difference.