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Cocoa Sourcing

The chocolate industry was built on cocoa and cocoa remains our most important ingredient. We have invested heavily in developing targeted programs to build a responsible, sustainable cocoa supply chain, with a particular focus on communities in West Africa. Learn more about how we’re supporting better farmer livelihoods, working to eliminate child labor and tackling deforestation.

Cocoa Supply Chain Traceability

Hershey is committed to driving greater traceability and transparency in our cocoa supply chain and we are actively working with our suppliers, as well as both producer and consumer governments, to this end.

In 2022, Hershey sourced cocoa products directly from the following suppliers:

Albrecht and Dill Trading Company, Atlantic Cocoa Company, Barry Callebaut, Blommer Chocolate Company, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, Ecuador Ecuakao Processing SA, FCStone, General Cocoa Company, Guan Chong Cocoa, Indcresa Productos del Cacao, JB Cocoa, LIFE BV, Olam International, Plot, Tafi SA and United Cocoa Processor, Inc.

The cocoa used by our cocoa product suppliers comes from several countries, including Brazil, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Peru.

The list of these farmer groups can be found on the interactive satellite map below.

Hershey is committed to the men and women behind the cocoa in our iconic products and our Cocoa For Good program has been designed to help them and their families thrive. We’re collaborating with farmers through farmer groups to direct source even more of our cocoa and help them build stable livelihoods and financial resilience. This is the foundation for how we are partnering with the people behind our beans to eliminate child labor and embed more sustainable farming practices that help tackle deforestation. Behind all of this is our intention that with every chocolate treat our customers buy, they can trust that their choices are creating more moments of goodness around the world.

What Cocoa Sustainability Means at Hershey

How We’re Delivering Progress on Cocoa Sustainability

Addressing the systemic social and environmental challenges in cocoa communities is a key priority for Hershey.

Four years ago, Hershey launched our Cocoa For Good strategy, a 12 year, $500 million investment that exemplifies Hershey’s commitment to achieve a more resilient and sustainable cocoa supply chain.