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Shared Goodness

From the ingredients we purchase, the farmers we work with and the products we make to the way we treat people and the company we keep, we are inspired to carry on the values and legacy of our founder Milton Hershey. He believed in creating a better tomorrow for everyone, and so do we.  

Our Focus Areas

We are committed growing our business sustainably, acting responsibly in all aspects of our operations and using our global reach to create positive impact. From operating ethically and offering safe, high-quality products to our consumers, to uplifting our farmers and employees while minimizing our footprint on the global environment, we are focused on the most important issues to our long-term business success and improving the lives of people, the health of our planet and the wellbeing of our communities. In each focus area, we have set important goals designed to achieve impactful results and help transform lives inside and outside of Hershey.

Because in every moment of goodness our consumers experience with our products, they should feel good about what’s inside.