HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD location in Hershey, Pa. now open for shopping & take-out treats

Choose Your Moment

People care about the food they eat. They want to know what’s inside, and they want to have choices that fit their changing needs and lifestyle.


Our snacking habits have changed. Instead of eating the traditional three meals a day, we’re snacking more throughout the day with different expectations depending on when and why we’re snacking. Sometimes it’s for a fun or indulgent treat and other times, it’s for a more functional purpose, like bridging to the next meal. That’s why we offer a broad portfolio of snacking choices to meet a variety of snacking needs, from more indulgent treats and smaller portions to better-for-you snacks.

The breadth of our portfolio continues to grow as we bring an exciting array of new products to shelves, such as zero sugar and snacks made with sweeteners such as fruit juices. We are creating new snacks that will explore the latest in wholesome and better-for-you ingredients with more protein, colors from natural sources, new sugars and no GMOs. We are always seeking more ways to make moments with more people. Whether it’s our beloved Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and their thinner version or our popped perfection SkinnyPop Popcorn, you can choose the moments to enjoy our delicious brands in ways that are right for you.

We make snacking easy. It’s your choice.

The Hershey Company does not conduct, fund or contribute to animal testing.

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