5 Ways Brands and Retailers Are Capturing Pinterest Moms at Halloween




Kate Silver, Contributor

Many moms aspire to be create Pinterest-worthy crafts and costumes, but not all of them have the time or skill to do so. Fortunately, a number of retail stores and brands are making it easy on them by devising Pinterest-ready products for Halloween that moms can showcase.

After all, Pinterest is a powerful platform for brands, whether it’s to flaunt a Halloween trend or keep connected with consumers year round. Brand marketing expert Millward Brown Digital recently partnered Pinterest to better understand the relationship between brands, consumers and pins. The study, “Pinterest and the Power of Future Intent” revealed that 96 percent of active Pinterest users research and gather information on the site; 93 percent use Pinterest to plan for purchases; and 87 percent have used Pinterest to help them decide what to purchase. 

If your brand isn’t marketing to Pinterest users effectively, you’re missing out. Here are 5 ways that retail stores and brands are scoring points with Pinterest moms.

  1. They’re creating products or recipes that make consumers want to snap a photo. Reese’s Ghosts and Cookies’n’Crème Skulls are examples of limited-time, seasonal items elevate that candy bowls (and trick-or-treat bags) and make consumers say “aww!” and snap a photo to share with their friends. Eye-catching cooking projects are also a great way to draw interest. For example, this Rolo Day of the Dead Apple Skulls recipe just screams “pin me!” Same goes for these Battle Axe cupcakes from Michaels. Bonus:  with the cupcakes, the site includes instructions as well as materials that can be bought online from the store.
  2. They’re giving step-by-step instructions on branded DIY costumes. Store-bought costumes are great, but there’s something a little more special about the ones put together with love. Brands can help inspire consumers with costume ideas. Some examples include Velcro’s tips on DIY costumes, and Duck Brand has ideas for DIY home decorations, trick-or-treat bags and costumes made with Duck Tape and more.
  3. They’re making personalization easy. Walgreens offers a series of Halloween invitations and cards that can be personalized online with text and photos and picked up the same day. With the ShopRite Hershey Sticker Kiosk, moms can print out personalized Halloween messages and stick them to the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses, making the candy even more shareable and special. 
  4. They’re creating photo-worthy displays in the store. Autumn window displays, fake witch legs hanging from the ceiling, tables punctuated with spooky merchandise—any of these things could be irresistible to a Pinterest-happy shopper. Get creative in your displays and your shoppers may post about you.
  5. They’re making creativity easy. Target’s “Dollar Spot” is packed with fall items (“Boo!” signs, ghost candy bowls, autumn-themed pillows and more) that make decorating for Halloween inexpensive and easy to visualize for customers, since everything is in one convenient place. At SpiritHalloween.com, customers can choose to “create a costume” online. First, they select the outfit they like and then the site suggests accessories to go with that costume, like matching shoes, tights, face decals and more, for simple one-stop digital shopping that will result in a photo-worthy result. 

When your consumers use Pinterest, they’re building their own online presence—and yours. By offering Pinterest-worthy products and displays, you’ll receive Pinterest-driven results. Need more ideas on how you can appeal to Pinterest moms? Search the site, itself, and see what resonates.