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Everyone knows Twizzlers Twists. They are the iconic, red, unmistakable twists that have been around for over 170 years.  Actually 172 years to be exact.  Founded in 1845, Twizzlers Twists are beloved by generations of individuals, movie theatre goers and candy fans throughout the U.S.  But in 2017, the brand wanted to do something different and was looking to engage with a new generation of consumers.  So we set out to understand what the brand’s fans love most about those, flippy-floppy, red twists and tap those insights to guide our new campaign. 


Earth Day: How Hershey Cares for the Planet

Earth Day is a day to celebrate our environment, assess the progress we’ve made towards protecting it and review our long term plans to preserve it for future generations. As an environmental, health and safety professional, I’m proud of the progress Hershey has made to date to reduce our environmental footprint, and the longer term commitments we’ve made to further reduce our use of natural resources and impact on the environment.


Inside Retail's Live Chat Revolution

From pet supplies to office furniture, online retailers in just about every market have been offering live chat services on their websites with success.


Unleashing Millennials’ Inner Unicorns

Millennials love unicorns. From unicorn lattes and beauty trends to unicorn inspired foods, cakes and even music, the appeal of the unicorn is booming with popularity among the Ice Breakers brand’s core audience. I logged into my Facebook account the other day and saw a Buzzfeed Post for a “Unicorn Poke Cake,” and a simple search for #UnicornMakeup on Twitter resulted in over thousands of posts. But why is this such a trend? Is it because a unicorn represents freedom, independence and magic? Or does it have to do with the popularity of fairytale TV shows and movies?


Yes, I Ate My Easter Candy a Month Before Easter…Everyone’s Doing It

Three-extra weeks to celebrate the Easter holiday than we had in 2016 means you’ve probably already eaten your way through the sought-after Easter candy you bought the day after Valentine’s Day, and are going through your second, or maybe even third bag of Reese’s Eggs (guilty). As a parent, I must admit that I hide in the pantry from time-to-time treating myself to seasonal favorites, blaming the Easter bunny for sneaking in at night to steal the candy (not sure my kids still buy it). But what exactly is it about this candy that causes so much more excitement than any other time of year? Is it inventive seasonal flavors, that the Reese’s Eggs have the highest ratio of peanut butter to chocolate, or that there is so much variety it’s impossible to get bored?


Winning Gold: Helping Busy Mom’s Build a Low-Cost Easter Basket at Dollar General

It was surreal standing on stage with my teammates accepting a Gold Shopper Marketing Effie Award in the Single Retailer Program category for our 2016 Easter “Build A Better Basket at Dollar General” campaign. Our hard work and collaboration with Dollar General had paid off, and we were thrilled. 


Trace It Back: Where Ingredients Come From

It’s no secret that consumers are demanding to know more than ever before about what’s in their food, where ingredients come from and how products are made.  Whether a consumer is avoiding an allergen like gluten or tree nuts, trying to eat healthier by limiting salt and sugar intake or concerned about environmental sustainability, the amount of information that people want to know is on the rise and shows no sign of changing.


A Simple Look into HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate

Justine Howell is a lifestyle blogger and the creative mind behind The Typical Mom. As part of a new campaign highlighting the farm fresh milk in HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate, Justine was part of a group of influencers that visited Hershey for an inside look at the simple ingredients. Justine was compensated for her participation, but all opinions shared below are her own. Here’s what she found most surprising during the visit.