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A Sweet Scheme: How A 108-Year-Old Vision Makes Hershey Look Beyond Profit

Pictured above: the headquarters of the Hershey Chocolate Company August 7, 2002 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


6 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Hershey POV: For the Trends & Insights pillar, a look ahead at trends to watch in social media marketing for 2018. Live-streamed video, augmented reality, Instagram Stories, and messaging platforms are key areas in which to be aware of new marketing opportunities. Insights into Generation Z and what's popular with that group are also intriguing.


This Restaurant Gives Away its Profits and Hires People in Need

Hershey POV: This article tells the story of a new New York restaurant venture where alleviating poverty is as important as the sustainably sourced menu offerings. P.S. Kitchen donates its earnings to nonprofits helping homeless people, and works with local groups to hire homeless people and ex-convicts. The restaurant could be a model for other businesses seeking to feed both a paying public and those less fortunate.


Individual Snacking Categories on the Rise in the U.S.

Hershey POV: In the Relationship With Food pillar, the latest consumer research shows snacks are up, expanding dollar share. The Nielsen research breaks down how different snack categories are faring in the market, and notes that health claims are driving some consumer interest, even as convenience predominates in buyer choice.


Purpose-Driven Retailing: Feeding America One Community at a Time

It's the time of year where food – or the lack of it – comes into sharp focus for many Americans. The rituals and traditions of the season are in large part centered around the dinner table. But, for many Americans, food insecurity is at its most painful during the holidays. That's where Hershey and Feeding America are stepping in to extend a helping hand. Why? Put simply, we're in the food business. Nourishing Minds through providing basic nutrition to those in need has a special place in the heart of our company.


Chocolate On Chocolate On Chocolate

It’s National Cookie Day, and we have something quite amazing to share: the newest flavor of the Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch product portfolio, Triple Chocolate. It has hit store shelves at retailers nationwide. Made from chocolate crème, chocolate cookie bits and milk chocolate, it’s a chocolate lover's dream. That’s why we say…chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.


Hershey Celebrates Employees with 40 Years of Service

Here at The Hershey Company, the dedication of our employees has always been a cornerstone of our success. From our beginnings as a company more than 120 years ago, to our present-day growth and mission to be an innovative snacking powerhouse, one of the constant forces within our organization is the steadfast commitment of our people. They are truly our greatest asset. 


3 Strategy-Altering Things You Can Learn from Your Metrics

Hershey POV: This Trends & Insights article reminds marketers of the importance of audience metrics. Beyond just the "how many people you've reached" question, metrics can show which content-marketing offerings reached which potential buyers, on which platforms, how long they engaged with it, etc. Metrics may also reveal potential customers outside the demographics the products were designed for.