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Food Safety—Partners in Quality

Hershey has some of the highest food safety production standards in the industry and we are proud that consumers trust our products. We go beyond simply complying with national and international standards, and every part of our manufacturing process is subject to rigorous auditing and oversight.

We have a comprehensive set of food safety and quality programs that serve as a solid foundation for our Supplier Quality Management System. We rely on our suppliers to embrace these programs and implement a culture of excellence, and we are committed to pursuing continuous improvements in food safety.

Hershey also sources 100 percent of ingredients from suppliers approved through the Hershey Supplier Quality Management Program, which is defined and executed in compliance with applicable Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and regulatory requirements.

You can find out more about how we manage and promote food quality and product safety in our SR 2020 report here.


The Safety of Dark Chocolate

Our highest priority is the safety and quality of our products. Hershey products comply with all applicable laws and regulations and are manufactured under strict quality and safety requirements.

Cadmium and lead naturally exist in the environment. As a result, agricultural products – including cacao – can contain trace levels of elements like cadmium and lead. Because these elements are part of our environment, their presence in various foods cannot be entirely avoided.

We do not add cadmium or lead to our products, and we work closely with our suppliers to minimize their presence in our products.

Consumers can rest assured that they may continue to enjoy Hershey products safely.


Suppliers and Vendors

If you are a supplier or vendor looking for more information on the Supplier Code of Conduct, expectations or insurance requirements, please visit our Terms and Conditions site.