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Engaging the Total Shopper

Shoppers now have an abundance of options with digital commerce, multiple fulfillment and check-out choices. Retailers need to adapt quickly to meet these demands while prioritizing safety, convenience and the overall shopper experience.

Empowering Retailers and Consumers

From planogram and transaction zone insights to sharing merchandising solutions and consumer research, Hershey helps retailers adapt to the ever-changing landscape to meet the needs of shoppers. Two trending topics – Foodservice at convenience stores and Wellness Snacking.

Foodservice is Always on Trend at C‑Stores

Foodservice sales are soaring in C-stores as retailers enlarge and enhance their menus. The lines between C-stores and quick service restaurants (QSR) are blurring and that’s courting more customers to pop into C-stores for meals.

THE RESULT: higher margins and larger transactions. The quality of foodservice programs is even a deciding factor in where to fill up gas tanks (and stomachs).

What’s the easiest way to boost foodservice sales?

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of consumers say that the quality of a C-store’s foodservice items is important when deciding where to get gas (or for a growing number of customers, charge up)

C-Store foodservice sales grew


versus overall fast food gains of 2.7%

Foodservice delivers rich margins


exceeding most C-store categories

Food Displays and a Coffee Machine

Hershey Helps Consumers Have Their Candy… and Wellness, Too

When it comes to candy, shoppers make choices based on the occasion and their physical, mental and emotional needs. The Hershey Company’s expanded better-for-you (BFY) portfolio gives shoppers more opportunity to incorporate wellness into the snack foods they enjoy while maintaining the great taste and flavor they expect.

How can retailers meet the needs of health-conscious shoppers?

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A basket with multiple snacks


of consumers say living healthier lifestyles is important.


ALL shoppers of BFY candy also purchase conventional candy.


Sales of Hershey’s Zero Sugar products have tripled since the 2021 relaunch featuring new branding and pack types.

Unlock our Retail Know-How

Launch of Reese's Caramel Big Cup

The launch of the innovative Reese's Caramel Big Cup is accompanied by equally innovative technologies—augmented reality and image recognition—to help retail partners drive sales.  

Top Women In Grocery

After being named Rising Stars in the 2023 Top Women in Grocery program, Hershey honorees share advice business leaders can use.

Mother and daughter baking in the kitchen

Consumers are counting down the days until the holidays, and they plan to celebrate in several ways.