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The Hershey Company Celebrates Team USA as They Prepare for Sweet Victory at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

As the countdown to Paris begins, The Hershey Company is ready to help fans cheer on Team USA with limited-edition treats across our Reese’s, Ice Breakers and Hershey’s Kisses brands.
Shannon Wilkinson, Sr. Brand Manager, Reese's and Melissa Blette, Manager, OPM Partnerships

Key Takeaways:

    • With 170 million fans gearing up to support Team USA at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, The Hershey Company is helping champion national pride and the competitive spirit of the games through new limited-edition treats.
    • Bringing our key brands into the center of this iconic cultural moment, Reese’s is debuting its first summer shape, Reese's Medals, alongside Ice Breakers Golden Pineapple Gum and Mints, and the return of Hershey’s Kisses (adorned with the colors of Team USA!).
    • As the #1 candy franchise in the United States, the Reese's brand launches the ‘Legend vs. Newcomer’ campaign, featuring U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes, promoting their stories across video advertisements, social and through in-store displays to boost fan engagement.

May 14, 2024

There’s no doubt about it – fans of the Olympic and Paralympic Games take pride in celebrating the brands who support the Games, with 29% more likely to make a purchase from a brand associated with the Olympics (Source: USOPC/LA28 Quarterly Brand Tracker). As a proud supporter of Team USA since 2015, The Hershey Company is honored to bring the spirit of Team USA and the Games to our consumers and retailers alike with podium-worthy offerings from our iconic brands and by celebrating our U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes working hard to capture the hearts of fans worldwide through our new campaign ‘Legends v. Newcomers.’

With Team USA’s sights set on Paris 2024, we can’t forget our all-star team behind-the-scenes. Our very own champions of snacking play a critical role in bringing our powerful portfolio of brands to the mainstage, ensuring our iconic brands remain a central part of the experience.

What’s Popping Up on Shelves

Kisses Milk Chocolates Ice Breakers Golden Pineapple Reese's Medal

To kick off the excitement, we’re giving consumers exactly what they want – MORE ways to eat Reese’s. The new, first-ever summer shape—Reese’s Medal—is a treat to capture the spirit of victory. As the brand known for its legendary combination of chocolate and peanut butter, Reese’s Medals are the ultimate newcomer to the franchise’s legendary peanut butter cups.

Returning this year are Hershey’s Kisses with Patriotic Foils – a go-to treat wrapped in the iconic stars and stripes of the American flag, these chocolates offer a simple way to show pride and rally around every medal, record, and heartfelt moment of the games.

To celebrate Team USA’s gold-worthy achievements, we’re also bringing Ice Breakers Golden Pineapple into the mix. Embodying the sweet taste of victory, the gum offers fans another new way to champion Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Welcoming Team USA’s ‘Legends vs. Newcomers’ with Reese’s Medals

As the new Reese’s shapes roll out to consumers, they spark a friendly competition: are you Team ‘Cups’ or Team ‘Shapes’? This playful rivalry mirrors the spirit we bring to our latest campaign.

To debut our newest shape, we’re pairing this launch with the energy of Team USA. Celebrated U.S. Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan (Soccer) and U.S. Paralympic gold medalist Jessica Long (Para Swimming) headline the campaign as 'Legends'. They are joined by talented 'Newcomers', U.S. Olympic hopeful Sophia Smith (Soccer) and U.S. Paralympic hopeful Haven Shepherd (Para Swimming), who bring fresh energy and ambition to Team Reese's as they prepare for the upcoming games.

Together, these athletes are the best of the best – and, as enthusiasm for women's sports soars to Olympic Games heights, the Reese's brand is alongside fans to cheer on Team USA.

Reese's Legend vs. Newcomer

Rallying Behind Team USA

Our support for Team USA extends beyond the candy aisle. This year, the 'Legends' and 'Newcomers' of Team USA will be prominently featured at the stores of our retail partners and across our dynamic advertising campaigns, bringing the thrill of the Games right into the daily lives of fans. Make sure to tune in to @Reeses and the athletes’ Instagrams, where the athletes will be sharing their journey on the road to Paris and some unexpected stories. From video advertising to social content and in-store displays, fans are invited to come along on the Team USA experience with behind-the-scenes clips and Q&A sessions with athletes.

Hershey's website and social media platforms will also serve as a go-to resource for fans looking to uplevel the Olympic viewing experience, providing recipes for medal-worthy desserts and savory snacks.

Olympians holding Reese's Products

Join Us in Recognizing All Champions

By intertwining the thrill of the games with our iconic brand offerings and platforms, Hershey is thrilled to once again be a supporter of Team USA, helping every fan get to know their favorite Olympic and Paralympic athletes and make victory taste even sweeter (literally!) as they cheer them on.

Just as Team USA athletes pour their hearts into every competition, our team works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every fan can enjoy a taste of victory. This relentless passion and creativity truly embody the Olympic spirit, making every moment a sweet victory.