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The Heartwarming Project

Research has shown that building social and emotional skills, such as practicing empathy and inclusion, and fostering meaningful connections with peers, adults and the community can make all the difference for improving youth outcomes including mental wellbeing.  

The Heartwarming Project is designed to help kids and teens build critical social and emotional skills and celebrate the power of connection for wellbeing. Through The Heartwarming Project, Hershey supports programs for children and teens with social-emotional learning-based approaches that improve mental wellbeing and prepare them for success in school and the workplace.

We also work closely with several nonprofit partners to inspire, encourage and highlight young people who take action to create more inclusive, empathetic communities. We sponsor an Action Grants Program that supports young people in creating their own waves of change with $250 grants.


Since launching in 2018, The Heartwarming Project’s investments and partnerships continue to make a positive impact in the lives of children worldwide. In 2022, we reached more than 9 million children through our partnerships and over 615,000 children have directly benefitted from programs supported by Hershey’s Heartwarming Project. Hershey also awarded 500 Action Grants to teens in 2022. Additionally, as part of Global Youth Service Day, we sponsored Youth Service America’s Heartwarming Young Heroes grants program which engaged more than 10,600 youth in 130 projects worldwide.

Along with our partners, we are thrilled to support and elevate the voices of young people who take action as changemakers to create more inclusive, empathetic and kind communities.

For more information on the Heartwarming Project, please see our ESG report.