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Animal Welfare

We use animal proteins, including dairy and eggs, in several of our products. In 2015, Hershey published our Farm Animal Welfare Position, which states our expectation that farm animals within our supply chain are treated humanely and affirms that ingredients supplied to Hershey will meet or exceed our high-quality standards.

Hershey does not conduct, fund or contribute to animal testing.

Cage-Free Eggs

As stated within our Farm Animal Welfare Position, Hershey committed to sourcing 100 percent certified cage-free eggs for the U.S. and Canadian markets from cage-free farms that are in accordance with the American Humane Certified program by 2020. In 2019, Hershey expanded our existing U.S. and Canada goal by adopting a commitment to source 100 percent cage-free eggs globally by 2025. As of 2022, Hershey has reached its 100 percent cage-free egg compliance globally – three years ahead of our original 2025 deadline. Further, no eggs or egg products were sourced for Hershey's international regions.


We have also developed a stand-alone approach to sustainable dairy, which expands upon the dairy requirements stated in our current Farm Animal Welfare Position. Read more about our approach to sustainable dairy sourcing.