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PAYDAY & WWE Share “First Job” Stories

Shannon Wilkinson
Assoc Brand Mgr, PayDay

Earlier this year, PayDay launched a new advertising campaign, positioning the brand as the hard-working bar that helps people fill up and get to it. The brand’s new messaging has resonated with PayDay’s target consumer – who is working class, rural, and older – and the brand has seen a sales bump of 8.7% since advertising has turned on. 

The brand has had the opportunity to amplify its new messaging and drive further relevance, thanks to a partnership with WWE and its “My First Job” digital video series. WWE presents a great opportunity to connect with people: 19 million WWE fans (73%) purchased candy in the last 6 months, 2.2 million of whom purchased PayDay

Just as important, though, is that the content of the video series represents a unique opportunity to showcase PayDay as the candy bar that celebrates hard work, through celebrating the first jobs of some of WWE’s biggest superstars – Becky Lynch, Bobby Roode, The Usos, and Naomi. Each episode demonstrates that it takes hard work and perseverance to be successful and reach your big “PayDay,” tying the brand together with the values of WWE’s viewers. The superstars’ first jobs, including restaurant work, retail, and service jobs, are very relatable for WWE’s viewers and PayDay fans. 

Through the partnership, PayDay is sponsoring four “My First Job” episodes. Each video will be promoted through WWE’s social networks, as well as the official social networks of each superstar.

The partnership is set to garner at least 11 million impressions in digital alone, with almost 3.5 million viewers seeing the TV segment as well. While most of the campaign’s impressions stem from WWE’s paid support, we’ve seen success from PayDay’s organic Twitter page as well, with video of the on-air teaser for the series earning almost 400 likes and 85 retweets. 

Reactions to the first two episodes have been positive, with PayDay mentions increasing and consumers responding well to the brand’s inclusion in the series. Check out the episodes for Becky Lynch and Bobby Roode now, and keep an eye out for the next episode on 11/16!