Retail Evolution

Introducing Hershey's Latest Thinking on the Future of Retail: The Power of Search in a Shopper's World

Todd Tillemans
President, U.S., The Hershey Company

There will always be a marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. But how will the marketplace function? We believe that a comprehensive “total” approach to retail is our future.

Today’s most successful consumer good-retailer partnerships lead the way in solutions that build commerce and experience with the shopper at the center. The Power of Search in a Shopper’s World highlights ideas in which iconic brands, category knowledge and a deep understanding of a changing retail landscape have combined to deliver not only better experiences, but better results.

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The fact is, digital and physical retail are no longer the binary choices they once were; they’re now complementary components of a total ecosystem — one in which the shopper is SIX TIMES more valuable overall.

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Hershey is committed to using brands, category knowledge and total commerce expertise to capture and “wow” shoppers, when and how they choose to engage with us and our category. We invite you to take a look through our report, and then call us to see how, together, we can explore and grow.

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