Hershey Celebrates Employees with 40 Years of Service

Tim Hinegardner
Sr. Director, Manufacturing

Here at The Hershey Company, the dedication of our employees has always been a cornerstone of our success. From our beginnings as a company more than 120 years ago, to our present-day growth and mission to be an innovative snacking powerhouse, one of the constant forces within our organization is the steadfast commitment of our people. They are truly our greatest asset. 

I was recently privileged for the third time to emcee a luncheon honoring Hershey employees with 40 years of continuous service at our company.  This year, 21 employees reached that milestone, bringing the number of 40- or 40-plus-year employees currently working at The Hershey Company to 91. 

This is one of my favorite company events, because it provides me with the opportunity to celebrate this dedicated group of people who have seen so much change and who have been key to our growth. They all have experiences we can learn from.  

As part of the luncheon planning, we ask employees to share special memories or experiences during their tenure. I really enjoy reading their comments and “walking down memory lane” with them. 

The stories that really stay with me are the ones about the camaraderie of working with their fellow employees to start up a new item or implement a new process or production line.  One common theme emerges from many of these stories—the pride these people have for The Hershey Company, its history and products. 

Many of our long-term employees work in one of our manufacturing facilities. Each day, they help to deliver great results that have impact on our company’s performance. At times, schedules can change at the last-minute, to support our customer’s needs. Our employees’ commitment to meeting those needs and working with safety and high product quality standards in mind form the foundation of our company’s success. 

Another point of pride for our employees is that the company is so much more than just a job. We are a purpose-driven organization, and our people know our commitment to social responsibility is deeply engrained in all that we do. 

I believe the most valuable thing we all have is time—it’s a finite resource, and none of us know how much of it we have. I would like to thank each of our 40-year honorees again for giving so much of their time to The Hershey Company. Their dedication and commitment are positively inspiring.