Purpose, Strategy & Culture

Giving Back to the Real Super Heroes

William MacLean
Senior Marketing Director, Hershey's Franchise

From the early comic books to today’s blockbuster films and video games, superheroes are an important part of our culture. They showcase the best of humanity through feats of super-human speed and strength, but also through acts of virtue, responsibility, and often, personal sacrifice.

What’s even more appealing, is that they often look like regular people until the time for them to act heroically. Then, when the situation seems most dire, they arrive—usually in their distinctive costume and mask—to put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good.

We celebrate heroes because they are both extraordinary and relatable ideals about people’s best qualities. And we recognize that while not everyone has special powers, there are people among us who embody what it means to be a hero by the actions that they take each day.

The Hershey’s team was set to release a new Milk Chocolate Bar in partnership with DC Comics this Summer as a back-to-school promotion to celebrate everyday heroes by sharing appreciation and a moment of goodness. But as the world changed with COVID-19 the super heroes that were always there for us continued to go above and beyond in the face of this pandemic. We thought about these heroes in our own communities—those keeping us safe and healthy in our new reality—and adapted to distribute the product in a way that would express our gratitude and create moments of goodness for frontline workers.

We recognize all the hard work, tireless dedication, and selflessness on the frontlines right now. Healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store employees, mailmen and women, firefighters and police officers are working around the clock, to make sure their communities continue to navigate these challenging times with one less worry. They are the real-life superheroes.

These new bars feature seven classic DC Comic Super Heroes, including Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Aquaman and Cyborg. As part of the many ways we are working to support our communities, pallets have been shipped to hospitals, police, fire stations and more across the U.S.

These workers are proof that superheroes are not fiction. Today, Hershey's DC Comic Super Hero Milk Chocolate Bar reminds us of the active heroes in our own lives, and we encourage everyone to think about that word “hero” a bit differently. We hope these bars spark joy and bring comfort to our frontline workers right now and allow people to honor the heroes in their homes, schools and hometowns across America this summer.