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COVID-19: Operational Updates

As of April 14, 2020, the following provides an overview of Hershey’s current operations in response to COVID-19. For more information on how we're supporting our communities during these unprecedented times, please see our community support blog.


We are offering incentives in the U.S. to our retail sales and manufacturing teams and are providing additional paid leave to any employee who may be impacted by COVID-19 situations. These additional leave policies include a period of paid time off to care for a loved one diagnosed with COVID-19, paid quarantine if there is exposure, and increased pay and eliminated waiting periods for short-term disability if an employee does contract COVID-19. We have identified and are in the process of offering similar opportunities for our international team members.


All Chocolate World locations are temporarily closed until further notice. These closures allow us to take extra precaution in our experiential facilities for our employees and guests in line with local public health guidance.

Please see the Chocolate World website for more details.


Manufacturing facilities and distribution centers are modifying their production and staffing schedules to pace with our consumer and retailer demand. Each facility will be determining work schedules and adjusting work teams to maximize employee safety and social distancing while helping to maintain food security and supply.  


We continue to work closely with our retail partners as they modify operation. We have implemented flex work schedules to allow our teams the ability to implement social distancing while continuing to aid retail stores to remain open with stocked shelves. We've also equipped our teams with increased safety measures including gloves and sanitizers, as well as made available teleassist technology to reduce person-to-person contact.


Our international markets are experiencing different phases of this global pandemic and, as such, are operating within local public health and government guidance and market need.

In China and Korea, which were impacted by the outbreak earlier than other parts of the world, our offices and plants are coming out of the worst of the crisis and are beginning to return to more regular work schedules.


All corporate and commercial U.S. based employees are working virtually until further notice.


Hershey has restricted all non-essential employee business travel.


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Operational Updates

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