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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions provide The Hershey Company customers with guidelines and legal stipulations in conducting business with The Hershey Company and its affiliates. By purchasing products from The Hershey Company and its affiliates, including The Hershey Sales Company and The Hershey Salty Snacks Sales Company, customers agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.




Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions provide The Hershey Company suppliers with the guidelines and legal stipulations of purchase orders with The Hershey Company. The terms and conditions vary by country, select the country below to view the appropriate purchase order terms and conditions


Supplier Import Requirements

The Hershey Company purchase orders are governed by the shipping/import requirements contained at This site also includes the shipping/import instructions by Ship-to Country.


Supplier Code of Conduct

The Hershey Company has a long history of operating with high ethical standards and integrity. We have done this by balancing our strong desire for profitable growth with our commitments to our various stakeholders, including our employees, shareholders, consumers and the communities in which we operate. Hershey’s Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our standards and expectations with respect to key areas of corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to work with suppliers and vendors to assure compliance with these requirements. The Supplier Code of Conduct requirements are contained at

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Partners in Quality

Continuing the legacy of our founder, Milton S. Hershey, our commitment to delivering quality products to our customers and upholding ethical business practices is core to who we are. The Hershey Company (Hershey) views its business partners as an integral part of its success. Our business partners are ingredient, packaging and raw materials Suppliers, Co-manufacturers, Co-packers, and Food Licensees - collectively referred to as Suppliers. The expectations set forth in the manual are a comprehensive set of food safety and quality programs that serve as a solid foundation for our Supplier Quality Management system. We rely on our Suppliers to embrace these programs and implement a culture that continually pursues improvements in food safety. Select the manual below to view the quality expectations.

The Hershey Company Partners in Quality: Packaging Supplier Quality Expectations Manual

The Hershey Company Partners in Quality: Supplier Quality Expectations Manual: Translations available in Spanish Portuguese  and Chinese.

Ingredient SuppliersContract ManufacturersContract PackagingLicense


Insurance Requirements

Hershey requires all vendors and suppliers operating under a Purchase Order or contract maintain insurance coverage according to the terms of the Purchase Order or contract with Hershey. The resources below contain further details on Hershey’s insurance requirements.


Distribution Center (Large)

Distribution Center (Small)

Medical Services

Small Co-manufacturer / Co-packer

Large Co-manufacturer / Co-packer

Professional Services

Ingredient Suppliers


Warehouse & Storage Facilities


 Company Classification Description:

Medical Services Contract Nurses & Medical Service Providers

Small Co-Manufacturer / Co-Packer – Co-Man less than 10M

Our supplier community is a critical component to our success, and we thank you for your continued support and partnership. To remain a top performer, we continually benchmark best practices to provide overall value to our customers and consumers. Effective Jan 1,2023, The Hershey Company will establish standard payment terms of 120 days in line with general market practice among peer companies. We are appreciative of our suppliers honoring the new 120 days terms that are essential to our growth and competitiveness in today’s environment. We welcome any questions you might have in this respect. Please send any questions to:

The Hershey Company may require vendors and suppliers to join RapidRatings FHR Exchange depending upon business impact, criticality, strategic partnership, or a myriad of factors. RapidRatings’ FHR Exchange is an innovative and secure membership platform for private company suppliers to demonstrate their financial health, be in compliance with The Hershey Company’s Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program and have more meaningful business relationships through the lens of financial transparency. By securely and discreetly submitting controlled financial information (profit and loss, balance sheet, cashflow statement) via The FHR Exchange, private company suppliers will gain a clear understanding of their own financial positioning, in parallel with The Hershey Company. Please direct any questions to


 Company Contractor Handbook:

The Hershey Company Contractor Handbook Rules and Regulations