Workforce Diversity

We are committed to being all-inclusive and to realizing our vision of “Great People Building Great Brands.” Our story of diversity is told through our Great People of diverse backgrounds, ideas and interests. We provide opportunities for our employees to learn, grow and shine in both the work environment and the community. Our Diversity Councils and Affinity Groups provide a forum through which employees may provide and discuss recommendations on increasing productivity as well as the quality of our work environment.

The story of Hershey diversity is told through its Great People. Hershey's strength comes from bringing together people of diverse backgrounds, ideas and interests. We provide a number of opportunities for all employees to learn, grow and incorporate their best into the work environment and the community:

  • An annual companywide Inclusion Day celebration emphasizing the diversity of local communities

  • Lunch & Learn speakers who discuss topics ranging from new immigrant experiences to personal empowerment for minorities and women

  • An in-depth website employees can use to find information about a vast array of diversity subjects

  • Diversity email newsletters designed to educate employees on specific aspects of diversity as well as to inform them about why those differences are important to our business.

To learn more about supplier diversity, go to our business customer area.

Hershey proudly sponsors the following Diversity Councils and Affinity Groups:

Asian Affinity Group
Mission : to foster a corporate-wide environment that leverages the cultures, values, consumer insights, and business insights of Asian employees. The Asian Affinity Group will also champion the growth, development and success of Asian employees to enhance company performance and make The Hershey Company an employer of choice for talented Asians.

African American Affinity Group
Mission : to foster an environment where employees are included, supported, developed, and challenged to maximize their professional and personal potential, thereby enabling The Hershey Company to become the employer of choice for talented African-Americans.

Hispanic Affinity Group
Mission : the Hispanic Affinity Group will foster a culture that integrates diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the business through education, community service and social interaction.

Network of Young Professionals
Mission : To meet the needs of young professionals by providing valuable networking and educational opportunities, while promoting diversity within The Hershey Company and giving back to the community.

Mission : a resource for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) employees and an alliance for all employees of The Hershey Company.  Prism plays a broader role to improve the quality of our work environment for all employees.

The Women’s Council
Mission: to promote and facilitate positive change around women’s issues through enhanced networking and development opportunities, work/life integration programs, and education for all employees, delivering positive benefits for The Hershey Company. Our vision is to be one of the top 100 employers of choice for talented women.

Sales Diversity Council
Mission : to foster advancements in diversity and inclusion by advising, educating and promoting strategies across all levels of the sales organization. By doing so, we will enhance individual and company performance through valuing and respecting the strengths of our differences.