Jolly Rancher Candied Rim Glasses

JOLLY RANCHER Candied Rim Glasses

Made with:

JOLLY RANCHER Candy Pieces (Item# 23522)

1 rimmed glass


1 tsp. JOLLY RANCHER Candy Pieces (Item# 23522)
1 tsp. light corn syrup
-- Beverage of your choice


    1. Spread JOLLY RANCHER Candy Pieces on small plate; set aside.*
    2. Pour corn syrup onto another small plate. Carefully twirl the very edge of serving glass in corn syrup, until the edge is coated the entire way around the rim.
    3. Hold the glass above the plate and allow any excess corn syrup to drip off the glass.
    4. Twirl edge of rim through JOLLY RANCHER Candy Pieces, gently pressing down to secure.
    5. Fill glass with your choice of beverage. Serve immediately.
    *You will want to use JOLLY RANCHER Candy Pieces fairly soon; moisture in the air will make the candy sticky.

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