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YORK, A Totally Refreshing Surprise.

It is said that opposites attract. Well, that’s certainly the case here. An unexpected pairing that – taste wise – is really, really attractive.

Wait. Wait. Wait for it. As soon as you get through the rich, deep, dark chocolate, there it is. Cool, tangy, refreshing peppermint.

Just imagine the many ways you can share this lively flavor with your customers. We have. For example: Minty Dessert Coffee and Peppermint Pattie Pudding.

YORK Peppermint Patties Products

YORK products available through Foodservice distribution:

04735YORK Peppermint Patties, Wrapped, 25 lbs.
06643YORK Peppermint Patties Changemaker, 0.48 oz. 9/175 ct.
00330YORK Peppermint Patties, 1.4 oz., 12/36 Bars

YORK Peppermint Patties Recipes

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