Give Your Customers a Fun Twist on Snacking

Not to go all “history” on you, but TWIZZLERS Candy have been a fan favorite since 1845. And with good reason — they’re the funnest, floppiest and most unserious-iest candy out there. Not to mention their delicious pull-y, chewy, twistiness comes in a bold strawberry fruit flavor. So give your customers a long-time, go-to they can’t help but love (and buy).

TWIZZLERS Candy Products

TWIZZLERS Candy products available through foodservice distribution:

53602TWIZZLERS Candy Changemaker, Strawberry, 0.35 oz., 8/180 ct.
54412TWIZZLERS Candy, Strawberry, 2.5 oz., 12/18 ct.

TWIZZLERS Candy Recipes

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