Invent with Kit Kat® Candy Bar


KIT KAT® Candy is Built for Total Satisfaction.

It’s more than the clever name that draws attention to the ever-popular KIT KAT® Candy. It’s the clever idea behind the creation of it.

A layer of thin, crisp wafer. A layer of chocolate. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Then dip it all in a final cover of chocolate. Feature on your menu and that’s the way to build loyal dessert lovers.

Candy lovers will line up to try all the ways you incorporate it into your menu. Use as a topping for desserts and donuts, as a garnish on a signature dish or as an impulse purchase at check out!

KIT KAT® Candy Products

Popular KIT KAT® Products available through Foodservice distribution:

K340-100*KIT KAT® 10# Box Chopped Bars, 4/2.5 lbs.
24626KIT KAT® Standard Bar 1.5 oz., 2/36 ct. Boxes
24600KIT KAT® Wafer Bars, 1.5 oz., 12/36 Bars

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