HEATH Toffee, Always a Classic

It doesn’t require a lot of bells and whistles to create a masterpiece. The pairing of crunchy and sweet will do it!

The original story goes something like this: take a delicious bar of English toffee and wrap it in a thin layer of milk chocolate. Simple. Sensational.

Now, HEATH Toffee products – made with and without the chocolate – can perk up the goodness in a variety of goodies – like Toffee Paklava and Mocha Toffee Coffee.

HEATH Toffee Products

Popular HEATH TOFFEE products available through Foodservice distribution:

H330-100*HEATH 10# Box Chopped Bars, 2x5 lbs.
60575HEATH English Toffee Bits with Chocolate, Medium Grind, 5 lbs.
60570HEATH English Toffee Bits with Chocolate, Medium Grind, 50 lbs.
60546HEATH Toffee Bits, Coarse Grind-Screened, 50 lbs.
60551HEATH Toffee Bits, Fine Grind, 50 lbs.
60545HEATH Toffee Bits, Large Grind, 45 lbs.
60550HEATH Toffee Bits, Medium Grind, 50 lbs.
60722HEATH English Toffee Bars with Chocolate, 30 lbs.
65505HEATH Toffee Miniatures, Uncoated, 40 lbs.
6147HEATH Candy Bars, 1.4 oz., 18 Bars

HEATH Toffee Recipes

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