Hershey Foodservice – Snacks & Convenience

Snacks & Convenience

It’s time to move the snack share from retail to your bottom line.

Hershey Foodservice – Snacks & Convenience

More Snacks, Please.

45% of consumers replace one or two meals per day with a snack.3

Hershey Foodservice – Snacks & Convenience

All Day Long

Savory snacks are most popular at midday and sweet snacks are a hit in the evenings.4

Hershey Foodservice – Snacks & Convenience

Know What They Want

Consumers want access to sweet and savory snacks, while 60% of consumers cite portability as important when choosing a snack. 3

Snacks & Convenience Products

Top items available in Foodservice distribution

72139ICE BREAKERS FROST WINTERCOOL Mints Tin, 1.2 oz., 6 ct.
91131BROOKSIDE Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters Berry Medley Flavors, 2.5 oz. Pack, 10/8 ct.
91203BROOKSIDE Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Cranberry Blackberry Standard Bar, 1.4 oz., 12/8 ct.
15251FAST BREAK Candy Bars, 1.8 oz., 18 Bars
24600KIT KAT Wafer Bars, 1.5 oz., 36 Bars
53602TWIZZLERS Candy Changemaker, Strawberry, 0.35 oz., 180 ct.
6643YORK Peppermint Patties Changemaker, 0.48 oz. 175 ct.
20765Hershey Foodservice Standard Bar Assortment Counter Unit, 144 ct.
321KRAVE Black Cherry Barbecue Jerky – Pork, 3.25 oz.,
375KRAVE Sea Salt Jerky – Beef, 3.25 oz.

Snacks & Convenience Recipes

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