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Start name-dropping on your menu.

Count on HERSHEY Foodservice

Research shows that HERSHEY’S branded products increase purchase intent, boost average check size, bring in traffic and lead to repeat business.1

Check out the hot menu trends that can be made even sweeter with Hershey Foodservice. Just click the menu categories listed below for tips and ideas.

Hershey Foodservice products are specifically designed to support your kitchen operation, from the packaging to the formats to (of course!) the flavor. Be sure to include Hershey brand names on your menu. Doing so drives traffic, sales, and your bottom line.2

Specialty Beverages

Specialty beverages - especially syrup- and sauce-based beverages - bring people in the door.1

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Baking & Culinary

Whatever you’re baking or cooking, Hershey ingredients deliver the flavor and fun your guests will love. And the menu power you’re after.

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Get the most out of your toppings by choosing the flavors guests love, the formats that simplify prep and the brands that sell.

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Bulk & Manufacturing

HERSHEY’S delivers the same crowd-stopping flavor - and the same brand power - to high-volume operations as small-batch kitchens.

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Snacks & Convenience

People are snacking more than ever. Yet less than 25% of consumers think restaurants do a good job of providing snacks.3

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Insights that Build Sales

Consumers very likely to try a dessert with Hershey-branded ingredients4
Consumers willing to pay more for a dessert with Hershey-branded ingredients4
Consumers more inclined to revisit a restaurant that offers Hershey-branded desserts4
Consumers that associate Hershey-branded ingredients with higher quality desserts4

1 Synovate Custom Research 7/15
2 Technomic Beverage Consumer Trend Report 2014
3 Technomic Snacking Consumer Trend Report 2014
4 Hershey Brand Power Research Study, Ipsos, July 2015