Hershey’s Moves to New Mega Franchise Strategy


Melinda Lewis
Senior Marketing Director, The Hershey Company

You may have recently seen Hershey’s new campaign that features the emotional story of a young girl named Scarlett who is on a mission to connect more with her hard-working father Ted. Spoiler alert, in the end, Scarlett’s dad recognizes the opportunity and seizes the moment to create a memory together, enjoying Scarlett’s favorite chocolate milk and S’mores made by Hershey’s.

Until this spot, “My Dad” aired, products under the Hershey’s flagship brand whether it was Chocolate, Syrup, Baking Chips, or S’mores – were featured in individual advertising campaigns that focused on product attributes and delicious, appetite appeal. After listening to consumers, it was clear that that they simply see one Hershey’s brand. Second, we learned that while most people know how great Hershey products taste, what matters most to them are the amazing memories these products spark up!, We heard countless, emotional connection stories - whether having a glass of chocolate milk with mom after school or making S’mores at their first sleep away camp experience – nearly everyone has their sentimental Hershey story.

We tapped into those learnings and moved to feature our portfolio of iconic products under one campaign while shifting our strategy to focus on the emotional connection consumers have with the Hershey’s brand as a whole. The result is our new campaign “Hello Happy. Hello Hershey’s”.

“My Dad” is the first anthem spot in our new campaign and reflects our aim to help open people’s eyes to the happy, everyday moments in their lives, tapping into the idea that it’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of life. With this new campaign, we aim to inspire people to take a moment, look around, and make the decision to choose happiness, creating special moments and memories with their loved ones. Rather than take center stage, Hershey’s products become part of the storyline that helps spark these moments – and the focus becomes simple moments of connection.

In addition to the new storytelling focus and tagline, the campaign will feature a new visual language meant to elicit this feeling of happiness through illustrations made up of all Hershey products that enable the products to ‘speak’. The new branding and tagline will be seen throughout Hershey’s advertising, owned channels, retail and product specific feature spots in the coming months. All of the individual Hershey’s social media channels have merged as part of the new mega brand strategy and will live as one Hershey’s.

I recently spoke with Ad Age on the new Hershey’s Mega Brand strategy and “Hello Happy. Hello Hershey’s” campaign. Read more here.

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