Are You Getting Enough Protein?


Julie Mann
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Protein Guru, The Hershey Company

For me, protein is personal.

“I was overweight for most of my life. Eventually, though, I realized that people knew me as a nutrition person, and I felt guilty about my state of health.”

I started competitive running and changed my diet (including consuming more protein and balancing my calories), and noticed many changes. Everyone sees the physical changes that accompany weight loss, but for me the emotional and psychological changes were even more resonant, helping me build confidence.

I'm passionate about helping friends, family, colleagues and neighbors understand how to get the protein they need. Many people know they want the benefits of a diet rich in protein, but they may not know how much to get for optimal health. Below, Jane and John help me illustrate what that target level is, and how to get it. I hope this knowledge benefits you, your family, your friends, your shoppers or your consumers. 

Getting Enought Protein Infographic.jpg