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Three Tips for Making Content the King of your Business

As an experienced general manager, marketer and digital commerce guru, I’ve long championed the role content can play in driving business value. As my colleagues can attest, I’m a brazen evangelist for the five “Cs” in Hershey’s total commerce strategy - Connection, Content, Conversion, Community…all with the Consumer at the center. The education process around our new strategy is a key priority of mine.


4 Brands that Have Found Success in Their Core Formulas

Last month at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, the Hershey team was thrilled to win gold for Gold, when the Expo’s Most Innovative New Product Award honored the Hershey’s Gold Standard Bar in the “Chocolate” category. Throughout The Hershey Company's 100-plus year history, it’s been creating exciting new recipes, like Gold, as well as Cookie Layer Crunch, Popped Snack Mix and more. But behind the buzz of all of the innovation and experimentation, Hershey has remained true to its core. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, Kisses, Reese’s, Kit Kat and Ice Breakers—these are the classic brands that have built Hershey. They’re the iconic confections that fathers have shared with sons and grandmothers have shared with great, great granddaughters.


Bringing The ‘Ballsy’ Moves of Mid-Life Revolutionary Women Into The Spotlight

In recent years, many brands and marketers have focused on the millennial - they are, after all, the largest generational group in the US. However, in the wings of the millennial marketing frenzy, there is another audience breaking stereotypes and exploring new experiences now that they finally have the time and resources—the mid-life revolutionary woman.


Finding Your Csr Path – Just Follow The Breadcrumbs

Finding focus in CSR can be challenging.  Let’s be honest, almost all projects are worthwhile, because doing good is ... well, doing good.  But it is important to find a focus and chart your path because while companies have great capacity for doing good, we live in a world of limited financial and people resources.  As much as we may want to, we can’t work on every issue. 


Online and In-Store, 7 Ways to Meet Consumers Where They Are

If there’s one message that came across loud and clear at the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2018 in late May in Chicago it’s this: retailers are getting creative when it comes to offering complementary online and in-store experiences. In education sessions and on the show floor you could hear the topic of omnichannel come up again and again.


Safeguarding Forests Where We Source Cocoa

Growing great cocoa depends on thriving ecosystems that are protected and managed by the people who live in them. That’s why The Hershey Company announced its commitment to no new deforestation in its global cocoa supply chain. Aimed at stopping ongoing deforestation and protecting forests, this company commitment includes the promotion of agroforestry programs that support shade-grown cocoa through tree-planting initiatives.


Developing a new generation of ‘Choco Masters’ in Brazil

Here at The Hershey Company, we’ve long known how important it is to invest in our communities. This legacy has been a part of our corporate culture from the start. Our founder, Milton Hershey, focused not only on creating great-tasting chocolate that everyone could afford, but also on a vibrant community where his workers would enjoy living and working.  Today, as a company that does business in markets around the world, we recognize that community challenges and opportunities in our hometown  of Hershey, Pa., are vastly different from those in Memphis or Mumbai, Sao Paulo or Sonoma.


Planting Trees: Restoring Our Natural Ecosystems One Tree At A Time

“There is not a person alive who should not plant a tree — not for the shade that you’ll enjoy, but for those who are coming after.”— Milton Hershey