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Driving Retail Solutions with our Mobile Customer Insights Center

The tastiest truck in the world is hitting the streets this month, kicking off a nationwide tour of insights, innovation—and snacks. Named the Mobile Customer Insights Center (MCIC), the 53-foot, expandable tractor trailer looks, from the outside, like a rolling Hershey's bar, punctuated with packages of Kit Kat, S’mores, Reese’s, Kisses and Twizzlers. Inside however, it resembles a convenience store, with shelves upon shelves of candy, mints, gum, chips and a check-out area.


A Bright Future through the Power of Personal Connection

It is human to seek connection with others. But today, our connections are increasingly dependent on screens and less on face-to-face interaction. This type of connection lends itself to contact with people we agree with and enables “walls” between us and those who see the world differently than we do.


Raising Kids Who Care

This guest post is part of the Heartwarming Project – a new Hershey Company initiative focused on helping kids and families build  meaningful connections.


Hershey Shares Sweet Future of Digital Commerce with Analysts

“We're engaged in a company-wide digital transformation,” says Michele Buck, CEO of The Hershey Company. She’s speaking to a roomful of financial analysts who were invited to Hershey’s Pennsylvania headquarters to learn about how the company is working to understand and drive growth in digital commerce, while helping retail partners do the same. During the visit in late August, the group also had the opportunity to tour the Global Customer Insights Center and one of the Hershey manufacturing facilities, to gain a deeper understanding of how Hershey is winning at digital commerce.


The Power of Getting on the List: Moving from Unplanned to Planned Purchases

In-store impulse purchases have long been a key revenue driver for retailers and manufacturers alike. A recent study shows that the average American consumer spends about $5,400 a year on unplanned purchases[1], and 3 in 4 Americans buy candy[2] at the register before checkout. Additionally, 68 percent[3] of U.S. consumers still say their primary location for making a spontaneous buy is in a physical store. But as consumers continue to migrate their shopping to digital channels, retailers are grappling with how to retain these crucial sales and what the unplanned experience should look like online.


Becoming Innovative Starts with Changing Your Thinking

As the Senior Director of Global Innovation, I have great visibility into the process of innovation at The Hershey Company. The hard work of a dedicated team over the last year has led to the award-winning launch of Hershey’s Gold, and our most recent recognition by Forbes as the world’s top 100 most innovative companies. While many of our partners and other creative, large businesses have established processes and teams for innovation, we think any employee at any level of an organization can be innovative. You don’t have to work in the technology industry or the R&D department to be an innovative thinker. Innovation is a mindset and a way of approaching new ideas and solving problems that transcends industries and job descriptions. How do you become innovative, you ask?


The Importance of Purpose-Driven Growth to Your Business

Purpose in business is a topic I have long been passionate about. After 23 years at Unilever, joining Hershey put a fine point on the role I see myself playing in accelerating Hershey along its purpose-driven journey. It’s clear to me that businesses in the future will not be given the permission to grow without purpose.


My Next Chapter: Unleashing Hershey’s Insights Driven Sales

Humbled is an understatement. Taking on leadership and responsibility for Hershey’s Sales organization, which our CEO, Michele Buck, rightly calls a “dynasty” is tremendous. The people that make up this dynasty are my friends, mentors and teachers. I’ve had the pleasure of growing the business over many years with Hershey’s talented people. I can tell you they are the very best in the business.