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Turn data into dollars with our top 8 retail insights

Discover what shoppers really want from today’s changing marketplace

It’s no surprise: the way consumers shop and snack continues to evolve at a lightning-fast pace. The Hershey Company’s exclusive report, “Experience and Convenience in a Shopper’s World,” dives deep into where the snacking industry is headed, and how retailers can get there first. Access all this detail for free when you download the report.


Get these insights and more:

  • 76% of all shopping trips begin somewhere you might not expect.
  • 53% of people look for this at checkout.
  • For every $5 consumers spend, $1 can be attributed to this.
  • Consumers spend 6x more when they shop this.
Redefine retail with a snacking powerhouse

As one of the world’s most successful snacking brands, The Hershey Company has more than a century of experience on retailers’ shelves and in consumers’ hands. Leveraging that expertise with our vast amount of category data and retailers’ storewide data enables Hershey to identify and act on key industry trends that benefit both shoppers and retailers.

Our free report serves up these strategic marketplace insights to help you navigate the evolving path to purchase. Together, we’re creating winning products, services and experiences with the consumer at heart.

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