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Engaging the Total Shopper

Voice of the Industry: Creating Engagement for Bigger Baskets



Join Hershey experts David Nolen, Gina Peterson and Trish Mielke for an inside look at how data and precision planning can help create more engagement across the shoppers’ journey, and help build bigger baskets.

From data-driven shopper insights to space planning see how retailers are creating “delightful disruptions” in both physical and digital experiences to meeting shopper demands today and for the future.

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Webinar Replay:

Voice of the Industry: The Future of the Front End

Watch the replay of Hershey experts David Nolen and Gina Peterson for an inside look at how COVID-19 and changing consumer expectations are shaping front end redesign. From evolving pay points to queueing strategies to cashier-less checkout, learn which investments in the front end are meeting shopper demands today, and positioning stores for the future of retail.

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Webinar Replay:

Voice of the Industry: The Evolution of Category Management

Watch the replay of The Hershey Company's exclusive webinar with David Nolen and special guests from the Category Management Association and Kantar, as they discuss how industry-leading manufacturers and retailers are expanding the breadth of category management to unlock growth at the retail level.

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Webinar Replay:

The Elevated Role of the Shopper in Omnichannel Category Management

Sophisticated shopper dynamics are driving category definitions. Watch the replay of Kantar's webinar where it takes a close look at the new, evolving shape of categories online and in-store.

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