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Bringing The ‘Ballsy’ Moves of Mid-Life Revolutionary Women Into The Spotlight

Kriston Ohm
Senior Brand Manager

In recent years, many brands and marketers have focused on the millennial - they are, after all, the largest generational group in the US. However, in the wings of the millennial marketing frenzy, there is another audience breaking stereotypes and exploring new experiences now that they finally have the time and resources—the mid-life revolutionary woman.

These women have spent their lives building careers, households, and families, and they show no signs of stopping! According to a national online survey commissioned by Brookside Chocolate, one in three (30%) women within this life stage said they don’t let their age define them. Taking it easy isn’t in these women’s vocabularies. One in four would like to learn a new language and one in ten want to learn to code!

The most loyal Brookside fans are women who aren’t defined by age and aren’t afraid to try something new. And we get it. Even after 50 years, the Brookside brand still isn’t done evolving and perfecting our chocolate. While the media largely spotlights millennials, the stories of this ever-evolving group of women have fallen to the wayside. To confront this head-on, Brookside, the daring ball of dark chocolate with exotic fruit flavors, has chosen to celebrate these bold and daring women who are writing new chapters in their lives with the recently launched “That’s Ballsy” campaign. 

The campaign features a diverse group of bold women such as Kathy Valentine, the former Go Go’s guitarist, who is almost 60 and currently pursuing her college degree, as well as 2014 CNN Hero Patricia Kelly, who is still riding horses and teaching at risk youth in her 70s. These women are proud to inspire their peers by showcasing their story as part of the Brookside 7 while championing the ‘balls’iness within every women.

In order to help real women of every age and our fans pursue their own bold, daring and ballsy dreams, Brookside recently hosted The Ballsy List contest, which is rewarding fans with up to $25,000 for sharing their #ThatsBallsy dreams on social channels. For more information and inspiration about the daring things our fans are pursuing, visit