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A Decade of Madness: REESE’S Celebrates 10-Year Partnership with NCAA

Eric Bowers
Reese's Brand Manager

From the on-court celebrations to buzzer-beating upsets, March Madness is a magical time of year where some of the most iconic moments in all of sports happen. For the past 10 years, the Reese’s brand has evolved our work with the NCAA® and we have continued to fulfill fans’ desire for exciting experiences.

So why Reese’s and NCAA? Just like March Madness, so much of what makes Reese’s is the passion of the fans. Both brands are fueled by passionate fans who unapologetically share their enthusiasm with the world. It’s that mutual, unwavering fandom that led to our partnership. Both Reese’s brand and the NCAA are all about our fans and celebrating those unique (and sometimes once-in-a-lifetime) moments. Everyone can agree that this year’s tournament has been one of the most exciting to date (16-seed beating a 1-seed, a Twitter celebrity and don’t forget Sister Jean!), and we can’t wait to see how things level up with the Final Four here in San Antonio.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at how we are celebrating this year in San Antonio.


Fans Reach for Reese’s (and their brackets)

Our No. 1 priority when participating in sports partnerships, including  Reese’s Final Four Friday, Reese’s NABC College All-Star Game and Reese’s Senior Bowl, is developing one-of-a kind experiences for fans.

To celebrate a decade of teamwork with the NCAA®, Reese’s is giving college basketball fans more access than ever before to their favorite teams and players.  We are continuing to host Reese’s Final Four Friday where ALL fans are invited – free of charge – to watch not only the Final Four team practices but also the Reese’s NABC College All-Star Game. The day is full of entertainment, giveaways, actions and activities as we  recognize that not every fan has the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorites or attend the weekend games. Hosting Reese’s Final Four Friday allows for an unique experience to experience the stadium, the teams, the atmosphere, just ahead of Saturday’s action, which is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our fans.

We’ve also partnered with influencers who have an authentic tie to San Antonio and the sport to enhance the fan experience. For the 2018 NCAA Final Four,  we have partnered with David “The Admiral” Robinson, a San Antonio legend and pro basketball hall-of-famer, as well as his former teammate Sean Elliott. The two will participate in a variety of activities throughout Final Four Weekend, including hosting a special half-time challenge for fans during the Reese’s NABC College All-Star Game.


Harnessing Passion: On and Off the Court

Reese’s not only engages fans during game time, but also interacts with fans by making a difference in local communities. As a brand, we are uniquely poised to spread joy families through our efforts off the court.  

With Final Four Weekend falling during Easter, one of the most important seasons for our brand and The Hershey Company, we had the unique opportunity to leverage this holiday and bring joy to the community.

Ahead of Final Four Weekend and the Easter holiday, we are distributing over 200 Easter baskets to veterans and their families in the San Antonio area through the Warrior and Families Support Center (WFSC) with the support of David Robinson and Reese’s NABC College All-Stars.

By putting fans first, creating unique experiences and giving back to the communities in which we serve, Reese’s has evolved our approach to sports partnerships he and have had the chance to activate on one of the largest stages in the sports landscape.


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