My drive brings unrivaled results. 

I choose to act. When seeking a solution, I quickly put ideas into prototypes to learn more. When seeking an answer, I proactively connect with colleagues and resources. I make an impact every day with smart decision, integrity and calculated risks. I act now rather than wait for later.

I build relationships globally and create strong partnerships. 

I believe together we accomplish more, I understand the impact my decisions have on systems and others across the business. I approach relationships with a desire to include and learn from others, valuing, and appreciating their skills and experiences, our commonalities, and differences even when we have different goals or viewpoints. I voice my opinions, I listen to others, and once a decision is made, I commit.

I create a climate to allow myself and others to perform our best.

I am a continual learner and I am always looking to grow. I foster an environment where experimenting, inviting diverse perspectives, celebrating successes and learning from our failures is how we become better at what we do. I give and welcome coaching and feedback that helps me and those around me to grow.

I am intellectually curious, challenging assumptions, solving problems, and mining opportunities.

I probe to understand the interdependencies of processes, problems, and opportunities. I challenge existing conventions that can be improved. I approach life and work inquisitively, and look for insights in the world around me. I synthesize data and knowledge to create high value solutions.

I am open to possibilities and seize opportunities.

I consistently suggest new, original, or unconventional ideas and approaches. I am discontent with the status quo, and activity seek fresh angles to look at existing challenges. I pull in diverse perspectives that push the boundaries of what we think we know. I ask “How can we…” believing that ingenuity and insights can overcome many obstacles and open the door to new possibilities.

I am a catalyst who invites others to join me in accomplishing remarkable things.

I draw on my own passion to inspire others and am inspired by others around me. I thrive in an atmosphere where people feel empowered to co-create and pursue a clear vision. I speak with conviction. I listen intently to my coworkers and I believe in their abilities to carry forward our vision.


CSR initiatives taken by Hershey India.



Hershey India Private Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of The Hershey Company.

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