At Hershey’s, we act with a sense of urgency, take personal accountability and drive business hard. With open doors, senior management is accessible to everyone and helps in creating a transparent culture. Being ‘One Hershey’ is about creating success together, believing in our people and standing by them.

Working at Hershey is an enriching experience. While work is driven by innovation and passion, fun is taken seriously too. An open environment is encouraged making it easy to brainstorm with colleagues. Festivals and birthdays are celebrated with equal passion and cheer. By celebrating every win and trusting peers, we are a fun-filled and strong netted organization. We seek like-minded people who want to create, grow and continue to improve to build a great company. We believe that success is better when it is shared.

If you want to be a part of Hershey India, email your resume to us on

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