HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD location in Hershey, Pa. now open for shopping & take-out treats

Not only is Milton Hershey the man behind good chocolate—he’s the man behind good business.

In addition to leaving us with America’s most iconic chocolate bar, Milton left behind a legacy of goodness.

One built on compassion. Selflessness. Purpose. Our founder established a school that prepares boys and girls for success in all aspects of life; along with community buildings, civic centers, gardens and cultural institutions that continue to grow today.

His spirit has never faltered, nor has it ever failed to inspire us. It’s this very legacy that led The Hershey Company 125 years ago, and it’s a legacy that’ll us lead for years to come. When we invest in businesses that make a difference, reduce our environmental footprint, enhance the livelihood of communities, or provide a brighter future for children across the world, we do so in the spirit of Milton — a man who taught us business is a matter of service. That generosity leads to the richest of rewards. And that one’s happiness is dependent on the joy of others.

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