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More Better-for-You Choices for More Moments in 2021

  • Our founder made chocolate more accessible for everyone to enjoy. Expanding our core brands into better-for-you options like Zero Sugar and organic will make these often-premium offerings more affordable and accessible for consumers.
  • With more consumers concerned about health and wellness—we are launching products that offer more ways to enjoy our beloved candy brands including zero sugar and organic.

Consumers' needs are changing, and more people are looking for better-for-you snacking options that offer the delicious taste and textures of their favorite brands. I’m proud to work for a company that seeks to understand what consumers want, and is always offering more ways for more people to enjoy more moments of goodness with us. As more consumers look to reduce sugar or opt for organic, we’ve got them covered. And for those who are looking to reward themselves with their favorite tried-and-true chocolate bar, we’re here for them, too.

We understand that people care about what they eat, and they want to know what’s in their food. That’s why, with all of our brands and products, we are transparent about our ingredients, so people can make the choices that are right for their lifestyle. To ensure that we have options for all occasions, our snacking portfolio offers variety: light and savory snacks like Pirate’s Booty and SkinnyPop (via our Amplify Snack Brands); refreshing choices such as ICE BREAKERS and Breath Savers; and chocolate classics, including Hershey's, Reese’s, Kit Kat and York, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in some cases with and without sugar—and, now new organic offerings with Hershey's and Reese’s this year. Here’s a taste of some of our newest offerings.

Chocolate in all shapes and sizes

We use the phrase “better for you” to refer to the products that help consumers make relative snacking choices that fit their lifestyles. We understand the decisions we make around eating aren’t black and white; they’re different for each and every family and individual. For some, making better-for-you choices means limiting serving sizes. I think of Hershey's Kisses as our original portion-control chocolate, for example. At just 25 calories per individually wrapped Kiss, you can have one, or a handful, depending on what suits you. More recently, we’ve introduced our line of THiNS as a portioned option to give people a satisfying taste of what they love. Right now, we have Reese’s THiNS and York THiNS, and in February, Kit Kat THiNS will hit the shelves. All of our individually wrapped THiNS offer a petite version of a favorite, wrapped and ready for any moment.

Zero Sugar launches

Research shows that 70 percent of people in the United States are concerned about the amount of sugar in their diet, and we know that more consumers than ever are interested in sugar-free products for a number of lifestyle-related reasons. With this growing interest, we’ve been focusing on meeting that demand. For starters, we’re extending our brands into Zero Sugar offerings that will start to flow through on shelves this month and into spring with new packaging designs and pack types.

Going organic

We’re also elated to launch our organic line this year, starting with four organic products: Hershey’s, Hershey’s Special Dark, Reese’sand Reese’s Dark. There are a growing number of consumers seeking organic chocolate; however, most of the current offerings come from small brands with limited distribution that sell at a premium price. I’m excited that families will be able to turn to the brands they know, love and trust for delicious, organic chocolate at an affordable price point.

Research & development to accelerate growth

As part of our better-for-you confection strategy, we recently announced a partnership with ASR Group—one of the world’s leading sweetener companies. With ASR Group, we will co-lead an equity investment in Bonumose, Inc., a start-up with breakthrough innovations in plant-based food ingredients, including rare and natural sugars. The investment is part of Hershey’s C7 Ventures, which enables new avenues for growth through capital investments in disruptive or emerging platforms focused on new occasions, technologies and go-to-market opportunities. This investment enables a research and development partnership to advance the tastes of not only zero- and reduced-sugar chocolate, but also Hershey’s broader BFY snack offerings going forward.

Keeping it classic

And, of course, we have our classic selection of candy brands that people have chosen for decades, in all sizes and varieties: Hershey’s, Almond Joy, Mounds, Rolo, Kit Kat, York, Reese’s. For many people, sinking their teeth into a Reese’s Cup or breaking off a few Hershey’s pips to make s’mores with the family is, and always will be, its own reward. You can count on us to continue making the brands you know and love with our classic recipes.

Our purpose is to make more moments of goodness. That’s exactly what we’re continuing to do, as we understand our consumers and respond to their snacking needs—from our beloved classics to new offerings like Zero Sugar and organic. Whether people are setting wellness goals, rewarding themselves with treats, or all of the above, we’re here for it. There's more moments to be made.

Eric Newton
Brand Manager, Strategic Growth Platforms

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