Hershey’s Commitment to
Health and Wellness

The Hershey Company is committed to helping people achieve a balanced lifestyle by investing in strategies that promote wellness among consumers and employees, offering choices in the marketplace, and advancing the science on diet and health.

Consumers – A founding member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, we are dedicated to providing products that fit into a balanced lifestyle. In addition, our outreach programs, including MODERATION NATION and HERSHEY'S TRACK AND FIELD GAMES, offer hands-on opportunities to explore healthy eating and physical activity as cornerstones of good health.

Employees – A commitment to health starts at home. We support an exemplary employee wellness program, including fitness centers at our corporate campus, workshops and online resources, incentive programs and wellness campaigns. Hershey's employees are also engaged in community outreach programs that support the well-being of our consumers and communities.

Marketplace – With a 100-year hundred heritage of providing leadership in the confection industry, the Hershey Company provides a range of product choices that fit into a balanced lifestyle.

Health Science – Through the HERSHEY CENTER FOR HEALTH AND NUTRITION, we study the potential health benefits of cocoa, chocolate, nuts and other nutritious ingredients, and use this information to guide product development and consumer and influencer outreach.