HERSHEY'S Partners

We seek to build strong relationships with suppliers that are mutually beneficial and that drive innovation and best practices for our total supply chain. Hershey has developed responsible sourcing programs to continuously improve our supply chain.
Supplier Code of Conduct - (Translations Available)

Supplier Programs

The Hershey Company has a long history of operating with high ethical standards and integrity. We seek to build strong relationships with suppliers of diverse ownership. The Hershey Company invites these companies to register as a potential supplier of goods and services in support of our global operations.

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Hershey's Food Service

HERSHEY'S Food Service is one of the industry's leading branded sweet ingredient suppliers. We offer a broad line of branded products including cocoa, syrup, toppings and chips for your culinary needs. Create and enhance your own signature recipes using HERSHEY'S, REESE'S and HEATH branded products across all dayparts.

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Hershey's Fund Raising

Candy is the #1 fund-raiser! What fund-raising event would be complete without HERSHEY'S Fund Raising products?

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Hershey's Vending

Vending-ready product lines and state-of-the-art vending machine services.

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Hershey's Concession

Concession sales drive theater profitability, delivering more gross margin than ticket sales! HERSHEY'S Concession breakthrough brands and comprehensive support programs maximize concession sales and earn bigger profits all year long!

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Hershey's Convenience

HERSHEY'S is the perfect partner for retailers across the Convenience Store Industry. The HERSHEY'S Convenience website provides a first look at new products and current promotions, plus quick and easy access to exclusive offers and important sales tools.

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Hershey's Order Connection

HERSHEY'S Order Connection is a 24/7 real-time environment where our business customers can place and track orders, view and print invoices, download a product catalog, and view a variety of other data.

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Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)

HERSHEY'S EDI saves our partners time and money by streamlining business transactions via a secure electronic connection.

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