Hershey's Chocolate World
290 Middle Xi Zang Road
Huangpu District,
Shanghai 200001

Phone: +86 -21- 6352 0579


HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD SHANGHAI – Shanghai in China is the first store in Asia and outside of North America. The store consists of two floors with an area of 320 square meters and offers a truly interactive retail experience with unique HERSHEY'S character and a wide variety of delicious HERSHEY'S chocolates and confections. From the moment you step into the store, the sights and smells of chocolate surround you, leaving no doubt that you have just entered the SWEETEST PLACE ON EARTH.

The outside of the store, with its giant HERSHEY’S KISSES-shaped entry, will become a Shanghai landmark, but it’s inside that you will truly be able to experience the fun and magic of The Hershey Company and be greeted by giant HERSHEY'S and KISSES product characters.

On the first floor, the store showcases a collection of more than 200 products of HERSHEY’S favorite brands of confections. Test your creative skills and try the Magnificent Chocolate Works machine that simulates how HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates move from the production line to packaging. You can even Fill-A-Bucket by choosing your own mix of HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates and watching them spiral down an eight-armed contraption into gift boxes or fun tins.

On the second floor, you can relax in the café area and treat yourselves to delicious rich chocolate ice cream and smoothies, chocolate cakes or hot and cold beverages – each with its own special HERSHEY’S touch. You can also watch original global HERSHEY’S TV advertisings and nostalgic print advertising or create a memorable sweet moment by having your photo wrap on a 5-pound chocolate bar.

You can learn more about the magic of chocolate, the life of Hershey’s founder Mr. Milton S. Hershey and the development and innovation of The Hershey Company through the Cultural Wall.

The excitement and fun of HERSHEY’S Shanghai causes you to forget your troubles and the delicious smell that surrounds you will remind you of what the company is all about: chocolate.